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Volunteer at the 2014 Montana Dragon Boat Festival

Volunteers are integral to a successful event. We need volunteers for the annual Montana Dragon Boat Festival who help with a variety of pre-event positions as well as event day needs.

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Some of the areas we need volunteers for are:

  • Team Loading
 -  Assist paddlers getting into boats, catch boats at dock and help unload paddlers, keep spectators out of load area, and keep the area neat and clean
  • Team Marshaling
 -  Call and line up multiple teams for races
  • Finish Line
 -  Serve as a runner between score keepers and scoreboard.  Keep spectators out of finish line area
  • Information Booth
 -  Serve as source of information and hospitality for all competitors, volunteers, and spectators.  Event runner, answer questions, maintain lost & found, facilitate emergency response.
  • Parking
 -  Direct parking so that it is organized, and there is plenty of room for all participants and spectators
  • Recycling and Trash – Help keep containers emptied throughout the day
  • Vendor Support – Direct vendors to booth location and troubleshoot
  • Clean Up Crews – Assist with equipment clean up at the end
  • Surveyors – Interview spectators about festival experience